Monday, May 3, 2010

Letter of the Week Curriculum

It has been awhile since I have posted what we are doing in school right now, but I assure you, we have been super busy!

I found this curriculum online that a SAHM, like myself, developed for her kiddo and then sold it for 10 bucks. Not too bad considering 10 bucks is worth it if I don't have to do it! You can check it out here: Letter of the week curriculum.

Anyway, it has been right up Turbo's alley! Each week, we work on the letter of the week and I make sure that our book tubs are filled with books that have something to do with that letter. In fact, the mom even goes to great lengths to list books that she likes and uses with this curriculum. Check it out here!

And to bring in a bit of Bible time, I have been using the music from Songs for Saplings along with worksheets to help with memory verses. We play the CD in the car wherever we go and then listen to it while we work on our letters in the morning. It touches my heart when I hear him singing the songs to himself while he is playing. I know that I am at least putting the Words of God into his heart, even if he doesn't quite know it yet.

Turbo has also been working on his shapes and letters lately...and even reading simple site words! He is doing so well too! My plan is to go through the alphabet through the summer and then, if he is ready, begin Kindergarten in the fall! Whew! My boy is growing up!

When Tank turns 1 in October, we will officially begin Tot School! You can check that out here!

But of course, throughout the summer, we will definitely be doing some fun stuff too! Stay tuned!

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