Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prep for the 4th!

The last week or so, Turbo and I have been reading books about eagles, the USA, flags, fireworks, 4th of July, etc. For some reason, he thinks that this is the day that we also celebrate Super Heros...I'm still trying to figure that one out too!

Today, we made t-shirts for the 4th of July. I wanted to make an eagle with handprints found in a magazine. He was happy to oblige; IF we were to make a superman shirt.

Unfortunately, I didn't have yellow paint for the beak, so I had to use orange, when Turbo,ever so matter-of-factly said, "it looks like a turkey." ~Great...thanks. And I thought I was being creative! LOL!

Instead of painting his Superman Shirt, we colored it with washable markers instead...he didn't "want to waste time waiting for it to dry." His words.

Here are our masterpieces!


Monday, June 28, 2010

Llama Song = 17 Letterboxes

Yesterday, Turbo and had a date. First we stopped to get an icecream cone and then headed into the mountains for a hike. I had found this series of letterboxes that included 17 boxes all within a 1 mile; 0.5 miles in, 0.5 miles out. It was a gold mine! We had so much fun, even if the clouds were threatening to rain on our parade. The inspiration for this series stemmed from the Llama Song, found here.

Before his nap, I told him we had a date with Letterboxing. In the pictures, you will see him after his nap, in his underoos with his letterboxing bag. We ended the day with a little movie under his fort-bed. What a great date!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Turbo has been playing T-ball. It has been a bit of a challenge for him as he struggles with the slowness of the outfield, but in my opinion, who doesn't! ;-) I think we will try again next spring and maybe try a bit of rock climbing this summer. Goodness knows he has no trouble with climbing!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

My Father's Dragon

Recently, Turbo and I have encountered small chapter books. WE L-O-V-E them! It is amazing to see him curl up on my lap and lie there while I read the story. Although most of these books have very little pictures, the ideas and thoughts that go through this little boy's head is amazing to hear!

We finished our first book last night. "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Gannett. Upon first look at the cover and a quick glance at the story, I thought, "There is no way, my little Turbo will sit through this story." Nonetheless, it was recommended to me, and I took the plunge. We started it one evening, and I had to explain to him that these kinds of books aren't meant to be finished at one time. We get to read the story at different parts of the day. Well, that was all it took! He carried that book around with him most of the day, asking it it was time to read. When we didn't read, he would be disappointed.

So this weekend, at garage sales, I picked up some more of these short little chapter books. We started one last night of King Arthur...okay, so really it is about Arther the Aardvark from PBS, but is a book with sustenance.

Do you have any suggestions for books for my little Turbo?

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of days ago, in my attempt to take back my house from my vacation to Prague, I moved the half bookshelf from the hall into the living room. Every home needs a bookshelf to house the books you have already read or house the books that you intend to read, but just have never gotten around to it. Or in our case, books that we think make us look like intelligent beings even though we never have, never will and have no intention of reading...kidding...sort of...

ANYWAYS, in my attempt to take back the house and to prepare our family for the first official year of homeschool - KINDERGARTEN - for Turbo, I decided that he needed to have an entire bookshelf dedicated to his school stuff. So, those piles of books are just gonna have to find a new home, but that, is a different day.

His school shelf is now lined with educational board games, puzzles, workbooks, crayons, markers, manipulatives, matching cards, magnets, math games, etc. You name it-it's there. We are on the mission of slowly (and if you know Turbo, a transition of slow is necessary so that he won't break down!) creating an new schedule that doesn't include TV, excessive snacks, and independent playtime. Coupled with a lot of reading time together (OH! there is our library basket of books near the shelf too).

So the past few days, this transition is proving itself to be a smooth road. Not only did the TV not come on, but it didn't ask to come on. A feat in itself since we have had RAIN, RAIN, and oh yeah, RAIN forever! He did want me to play with him a few times, and I did, but it was amazing to watch him, without being asked, to go over to the shelf and pull out any and all kinds of games, school stuff, workbooks and begin working on/with them! The PLUS!?!? HE EVEN PUT THEM AWAY WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Turbo has made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, any of you out there in cyberspace land, if you have any games, school stuff, etc that needs a new home, I would be glad to take them off your hands! As this bookshelf is going to be needing to be restocked and rotated throughout the summer and the school year!

And to think, I got this bookshelf, battered and bruised from the GoodWill. Huh...never thought such a gem could become so treasured in our home.