Monday, June 21, 2010

My Father's Dragon

Recently, Turbo and I have encountered small chapter books. WE L-O-V-E them! It is amazing to see him curl up on my lap and lie there while I read the story. Although most of these books have very little pictures, the ideas and thoughts that go through this little boy's head is amazing to hear!

We finished our first book last night. "My Father's Dragon" by Ruth Gannett. Upon first look at the cover and a quick glance at the story, I thought, "There is no way, my little Turbo will sit through this story." Nonetheless, it was recommended to me, and I took the plunge. We started it one evening, and I had to explain to him that these kinds of books aren't meant to be finished at one time. We get to read the story at different parts of the day. Well, that was all it took! He carried that book around with him most of the day, asking it it was time to read. When we didn't read, he would be disappointed.

So this weekend, at garage sales, I picked up some more of these short little chapter books. We started one last night of King Arthur...okay, so really it is about Arther the Aardvark from PBS, but is a book with sustenance.

Do you have any suggestions for books for my little Turbo?

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