Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Prep for the 4th!

The last week or so, Turbo and I have been reading books about eagles, the USA, flags, fireworks, 4th of July, etc. For some reason, he thinks that this is the day that we also celebrate Super Heros...I'm still trying to figure that one out too!

Today, we made t-shirts for the 4th of July. I wanted to make an eagle with handprints found in a magazine. He was happy to oblige; IF we were to make a superman shirt.

Unfortunately, I didn't have yellow paint for the beak, so I had to use orange, when Turbo,ever so matter-of-factly said, "it looks like a turkey." ~Great...thanks. And I thought I was being creative! LOL!

Instead of painting his Superman Shirt, we colored it with washable markers instead...he didn't "want to waste time waiting for it to dry." His words.

Here are our masterpieces!


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