Tuesday, June 15, 2010


A couple of days ago, in my attempt to take back my house from my vacation to Prague, I moved the half bookshelf from the hall into the living room. Every home needs a bookshelf to house the books you have already read or house the books that you intend to read, but just have never gotten around to it. Or in our case, books that we think make us look like intelligent beings even though we never have, never will and have no intention of reading...kidding...sort of...

ANYWAYS, in my attempt to take back the house and to prepare our family for the first official year of homeschool - KINDERGARTEN - for Turbo, I decided that he needed to have an entire bookshelf dedicated to his school stuff. So, those piles of books are just gonna have to find a new home, but that, is a different day.

His school shelf is now lined with educational board games, puzzles, workbooks, crayons, markers, manipulatives, matching cards, magnets, math games, etc. You name it-it's there. We are on the mission of slowly (and if you know Turbo, a transition of slow is necessary so that he won't break down!) creating an new schedule that doesn't include TV, excessive snacks, and independent playtime. Coupled with a lot of reading time together (OH! there is our library basket of books near the shelf too).

So the past few days, this transition is proving itself to be a smooth road. Not only did the TV not come on, but it didn't ask to come on. A feat in itself since we have had RAIN, RAIN, and oh yeah, RAIN forever! He did want me to play with him a few times, and I did, but it was amazing to watch him, without being asked, to go over to the shelf and pull out any and all kinds of games, school stuff, workbooks and begin working on/with them! The PLUS!?!? HE EVEN PUT THEM AWAY WITHOUT BEING ASKED!!!! WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Turbo has made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, any of you out there in cyberspace land, if you have any games, school stuff, etc that needs a new home, I would be glad to take them off your hands! As this bookshelf is going to be needing to be restocked and rotated throughout the summer and the school year!

And to think, I got this bookshelf, battered and bruised from the GoodWill. Huh...never thought such a gem could become so treasured in our home.

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