Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Tents

In my attempt to be a "cool" mom, I made the boys a tent in their room for them to play Legos, read books, and do QUIET things. Although a far-fetched goal, I pursued it without abandoned. It turned out quite to my satisfaction but of course, the boys saw uses for it other ways. However, they did use it for it's intended purpose albeit for 7 1/2 minutes. But I will take what I can get!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Nature Walks and Bug Catchers

Each morning this summer, the boys and I have tried to go out for a walk while it is still cool. This morning, I presented them with mason jars and asked them to find bugs to put into them so we could identify them and observe them. Boy, were they excited! They each got their "Creature Hats" (aka zoo hats), and armed with their jars and magnifying glass (which we have now lost...don't ask...) we set off to find us some bugs.

While walking along the mud puddles, Tank thought it would be a grand idea to not only stomp in the puddles, but to also SIT in the summer...let them get dirty.

This really would have been a cute picture had I not caught Turbo in the process of looking at me while snapping the picture.

Ahh me...being a mom of boys is really quite fun...

Monday, June 20, 2011

Raindrops, Umbrellas, and Puddles

This morning, Turbo wanted to do something that was totally against my nature...because I HAD JUST CHANGED THEM INTO CLOTHES FOR THE DAY!!!

It rained A LOT last night and of course it was wet and rainy again this morning. After Turbo found the umbrella, he immediately went outside. ARGH!!! At first, I protested, but then I immediately realized that I had not finished my cup of coffee, so I let it slide. Clothes dry right? I sat down in the cozy chair, sipped my coffee, smelled the rain and watched them enjoy themselves!

I need to remember that this is something I must do often...because they NEED it!

Summer Bucket List

This summer is whooshing past way to quickly! Before I knew it, it was June 20th! I had every intention on making a Summer Bucket List for the boys, just so we had enough time to fit it all in!

When I asked what Turbo wanted to do this summer...this is what we came up with:
- Lemonade Stand
- Bike Rides
- Water Balloon Fight
- Hike
- Make ice cream
- Learn about space
- Backyard camping
- Fishing
- Sonic Happy Hour
- Ride Horses
- Have a parade
- Fireworks
- S*mores
- Visit the lake
- Go to the zoo
- Visit splash parks
- Pick berries at the berry patch and make jam!

But, we are finding out that there are a lot more things that we are doing that SHOULD be on our Bucket List.

Things such as: While enjoying a book in the reading corner enjoying the sunshine, become mesmerized by the garbage truck

And then there is always the item on the list of eating fruit and "WHOOP" cream...ahhh...nothing says summer in the USA like red watermelon/strawberries, blue blueberries and creamy white whip cream...

Maybe we should make our list longer by adding:
- Dinner at the lake
- Make paper airplanes
- Make robots
- Visit yogurtland
- After a Saturday morning walk - eat freshly baked donuts
- Nature walks
- Swimming at the pool
- Pool party
- Longest Day of the year party (kids get to stay up late! UH-OH! that's tomorrow night!)

What would be on your summer bucket list?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Family Barn Date

This was the first time Tank was able to walk out at the barn! He pointed to Valentine and was content getting on! Although she didn't move, she kicked up her front hoof enough to make him rethink his choice! He loved the barn and kept climbing the pens to pet the horses! Turbo had a ball and it was the first time Mrs. Leslie let him take hold of the reins! He said, "I want to drive Valentine!" Mrs. Leslie knew it was time end the ride, when Turbo looked up at her and said, "My butt feels strange."

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Summer Market

Today after church, I took the boys to the local market. We bought some roasted chili peppers, petted some dogs available for adoption, and walked the street lined with local venders. We stumbled upon a great fountain, and the boys didn't waste any time getting their shoes off!

Monday, June 6, 2011


My hubby is a pretty snazzy hubby! I must say, I will keep him! We have had this table for many, many years, and it was a very light maple color, with not so great upholstered seat covers.

Hubster made it is quest to get this table up and running the way we wanted it before the summer! AND HE DID IT!!! I LOVE IT MUY MUCHO! Okay, better Spanish later....

This morning after breakfast and before our morning walk, we worked on some coloring with Tank and Turbo worked on his Creation Album. I think I am going to love this table "MUY MUCHO!"

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sun Prints

As we get started on our space unit for the summer, we began with the sun.

We read a book about the sun

And then we did an experiment with solar paper, which I ordered off of Amazon for super cheap.

We gathered leaves to put on the paper and inserted it into the frame.

After putting it in the sunlight for about 1-3 minutes, the blue began to fade to white.

Quickly, we took it out of the frame and put it into a tray of water for 1 minute.

As the afternoon went on, the blue came back and deepened as time passed.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Check out the recent photo shoots!!

A Lesson in Responsibility

This morning was a rare morning...aww...who am I kidding. Each morning is a rarity in it's own with 2 boys. Nothing seems to surprise me anymore.

However, this morning, a lesson was learned. While I was trying to get ready and make lunches for our Kids Life Group, I used the very reliable babysitter: a movie. Yet, I chose poorly. I chose a video that I knew Tank would watch, with the hopes that Turbo would watch simply because we watched a portion of it for school yesterday. Turbo DID NOT LIKE MY CHOICE! In fact, he threw a fit because of it. Hardly a surprise.

But what happened next was a surprise. Turbo exited out of the house to the patio where it overlooks our complex's parking lot. We have a rock bed the surrounds the patio. An experienced mama could only guess what happened next.

In his frustration/anger, he picked up a rock and threw it. Thinking his impeccable aim would hit the tree about 10 yard off. I guess we will begin distance guesstimating tomorrow...

He missed and it hit our neighbor's car windshield with a great impact. A bulls eye target dead center in the windshield was the imprint the size of a golf ball.

The sound that reached my ears sent my mouth into the never ending plea, "Oh! Dear Jesus, please don't let that be what I think it was!!!"

Alas, it was.

My child had thrown the rock out of anger/frustration, only to miss the tree, but hit the windshield.

Dismay. After coaxing, dragging, and support, we walked the longest staircase in the world to knock on their door. When they opened it, he said, "I'm sorry for breaking your window!"

His eyes met mine with question and alarm. I explained the story to him and he looked at Turbo and said, "Thank you for being honest! That takes a big boy to do that! Give me a high five for telling the truth!"

Turbo looked at me with a question in his eyes like, "WHAT THE H*$% JUST HAPPENED!"

After our conversation ended with, we will be paying for this windshield, and Turbo will be paying for it out of his weekly commissions, we parted ways.

Turbo asked how he was going to pay for the windshield. I told him that he would probably have to sell some toys and use his money for a very long time to pay it back! The sheer look of terror in his eyes was flooded with tears as he said to me, "BUT I NEED MY MONEY TO BUY MY NEW TOYS!!!"

"Sorry buddy, being angry and throwing things doesn't make you feel better does it! It really only makes things worse. I guess you will have to give your $3/week to them every week for 4 weeks to pay for that windshield."

I'm not sure he has come to grips with this yet, but I'm sure,come this Friday, he will begin to understand what responsibility means.

I think school is done for the day, don't you agree?