Monday, June 27, 2011

Nature Walks and Bug Catchers

Each morning this summer, the boys and I have tried to go out for a walk while it is still cool. This morning, I presented them with mason jars and asked them to find bugs to put into them so we could identify them and observe them. Boy, were they excited! They each got their "Creature Hats" (aka zoo hats), and armed with their jars and magnifying glass (which we have now lost...don't ask...) we set off to find us some bugs.

While walking along the mud puddles, Tank thought it would be a grand idea to not only stomp in the puddles, but to also SIT in the summer...let them get dirty.

This really would have been a cute picture had I not caught Turbo in the process of looking at me while snapping the picture.

Ahh me...being a mom of boys is really quite fun...

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