Monday, June 20, 2011

Summer Bucket List

This summer is whooshing past way to quickly! Before I knew it, it was June 20th! I had every intention on making a Summer Bucket List for the boys, just so we had enough time to fit it all in!

When I asked what Turbo wanted to do this summer...this is what we came up with:
- Lemonade Stand
- Bike Rides
- Water Balloon Fight
- Hike
- Make ice cream
- Learn about space
- Backyard camping
- Fishing
- Sonic Happy Hour
- Ride Horses
- Have a parade
- Fireworks
- S*mores
- Visit the lake
- Go to the zoo
- Visit splash parks
- Pick berries at the berry patch and make jam!

But, we are finding out that there are a lot more things that we are doing that SHOULD be on our Bucket List.

Things such as: While enjoying a book in the reading corner enjoying the sunshine, become mesmerized by the garbage truck

And then there is always the item on the list of eating fruit and "WHOOP" cream...ahhh...nothing says summer in the USA like red watermelon/strawberries, blue blueberries and creamy white whip cream...

Maybe we should make our list longer by adding:
- Dinner at the lake
- Make paper airplanes
- Make robots
- Visit yogurtland
- After a Saturday morning walk - eat freshly baked donuts
- Nature walks
- Swimming at the pool
- Pool party
- Longest Day of the year party (kids get to stay up late! UH-OH! that's tomorrow night!)

What would be on your summer bucket list?

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