Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stupid written on forehead

These last few weeks have been nothing but battles. We battle with meals, we battle with school, we battle with toys, we battle with baths, we battle with toy pick up, we battle...we battle...we battle.

It seems that when I ask something to be done, like don't SIT on your brother, please do not lick your brother's hair, I feel like I have to put on full amor just to meet the opponent!

Here is my biggest dilema: TOYS!

When buying toys, I make sure to buy open-ended toys. Meaning, it is not just a toy that will SIT there, but that he has to build something, use it, move it...yada. But unfortunately, TECHNOLOGY has taken hold of my precious baby and I can't seem to break him from it! I'm okay with SOME technology, he plays computer games everyday...from educational to "just for fun". But when he can't do that, he wants to watch T.V. or movies. When he can't do that, he plays his Leapster...all the while, I see dust being collected on the shelves filled with toys, blocks, cars, tracks, puzzles, books, playdough, basketball hoops...

When he does play his Leapster, he plays it for 5 minutes because he has either defeated the game, or becomes board...WHAT AM I TO DO????

Do I gather up his toys and resell them to make money to buy him a Wii or new Leapster games? Have I lost my baby to technology???

That is just one area of "growth" or "frustration"! The list is endless!!!


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  1. Carrie - I'd do a history lesson (and an eco one too) about when we didnt have electricity (or batteries). Dont use anything that requires power for an entire day - you're creative I am sure you will think of some fun things. But be sure YOU are ready for this, because your smart lil booger will be the first to nail you if you fall. Think meals that dont require cooking ;)

    He may, just may find that some things can be fun if you are FORCED to be out of your box.

    Another good way is to teach him that all of this electricty costs money and so if he wants to use it he has to pay, put a jar by the computer etc. and every time he wants to use it he pays. When he does good things or conserves enegry doing an activity he earns $$ so he can pay to do the stuff he wants to do (obvioiusly I would keep this on a small scale, like nickels and dimes)

    Other than that, I'd say volunteer at Childrens hospital or with a church group that helps kids in the city that dont have all of these fancy amenities, let a kid remind him how fun things can be.

    Along the way you and your family may find things that help you have better apprecaition for the less techy stuff, and lower your carbon footprint and maybe even you Xcel bill ;)

    Good Luck!