Friday, January 20, 2012

Discovering Nature

This week we had a rare day. 60 degrees. Slight breeze. Beautiful. (man...I miss summer...)

In effort to get outside we took a Nature Walk around our neighborhood. I had bought small birdhouses for the boys to decorate at Hobby Lobby for super cheap and thought this would be a good chance to do so.

Equipped with a bucket, we set out to find things of nature to glue to our birdhouses.

Turbo decided to ride his scooter, while Tank...well, Tank needed a hat and fortunately, Turbo forgot his helmet so Tank too advantage and off we went.

Collecting small pebbles, sticks, pine cones and the like, we gathered our loot.

Our finished product. I'm not sure birds will find these houses suitable, but at least it keeps the boys occupied in watching out the window for oh...18 seconds.

While Tank dozed for his afternoon nap, Turbo got out his microscope set that he got for Christmas and set to work. At first, he wanted to examine the frog parts, and he logged about them in his journal.

But when he realized that he could put just about anything under the scope, that's when he really got to work.

Things examined under the scope included, but were not limited to:
Frog kidney
Frog lung
Frog skin
Bread crumb
pine cone scale
pine cone
finger nail
booger (at least he tried, I wasn't too happy about the thought.)
-----you get the picture.

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