Friday, February 3, 2012

Connections Academy

There comes a time in every homeschool parent's journey when the question is asked:


This question has been swirling around our home for the past 3 months. We decided to seek out some options as Turbo was excelling much quicker than we would like. We feared he was advancing without a true foundation of knowledge. We wanted a second opinion.

As we searched our options, my sister-in-law, who is a teacher for Connections Academy called and told me more about Connections.

The rest is history. We signed him up and he was on his way. He received his own computer, materials, workbooks and textbooks - FREE. (Being a public school, this service is entirely free - school done in the comfort of your own home).

The teacher confirmed our suspicions that he should be working on 1st grade materials. After pretests, lessons, and portfolio work, it was decided to double up the work to see how he handles it. Our hope is to complete Kindergarten math by March and move to 1st grade math then. With so many components in the Language Arts program, we decided to hang out in Kindergarten for awhile and see what he is doing by March to decide to move him up.

I can't tell you how much easier my life is in school right now. With the outside help of another teacher who is seeing the same thing I am, having another person keeping Turbo accountable in his work ( along with Master Andre in TaeKwonDo ), with the added bonus of not having to buy school curriculum and materials - I don't know why I didn't pursue this earlier.

So, far he really enjoys it. He has 2 live lessons each week with a weekly checklist of tasks he needs to complete. Time will only tell.

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