Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Peeps and An Empty Tomb

Because I have boys, because I have crazy boys, because I have seriously outta control boys, I decided to blow up marshmallows in the microwave for science, Easter, and of course to hit home the meaning of the empty tomb.

Have I peaked your attention yet?

To start, we selected an innocent bunny peep.

We made predictions as to what will happen to him when put into the microwave for 1 minute or less.

We commenced experiment.

The peep fell victim to extreme bloated-ness...(okay he puffed up to 300x his size)

Then he deflated once the heat source was that was true in real life.

We put his squished-nasty self back into the microwave for another minute. He began to burn.


Result: Marshmallows, if left in a heat source long enough, will dissolve.

On to the Empty TOMB.

Explaining that the marshmallow is Jesus' body, and was anointed with oil (melted butter) and covered in spices (cinnamon and sugar) he was placed into a tomb (crescent roll). He was in the tomb for 3 days, when people returned to the tomb. What they found, was an empty tomb...just as we found an empty tomb (empty crescent roll)....


I must say, Turbo was pretty impressed. I was actually complimented by being told I was a pretty cool mom. Then he promptly asked if his schoolwork was all done so he could play Star Wars Legos on XBOX...

...I was cool for just a bit...sigh* (but the empty tomb was pretty delicious.)

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