Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Four Mile Historic Park - Field Trip

Every Friday, Turbo goes to what we call, Friday School. It is really an Options Program for Homeschoolers, called Homeschool Etc. They have a 3 1/2 hour day that includes, reading, writing, art, music, chemistry, P.E. etc. (ha!). They also venture out on field trips. Monday morning was one of those field trips. After dropping Tank off at Preschool, Turbo and I drove to Denver to meet up with other families. The Four Mile Historic Park is a unique park in that the House, The Four Mile House, is the oldest building in Denver, about 150 years old. Pioneers knew that when they stopped at the Four Mile house, it was exactly 4 miles to the intersection of Colfax and Broadway...West. There was also a 9 Mile House and a 12 Mile House, but unfortunately they have not survived. While on tour, Turbo got to see what pioneers experienced 150 years ago. For instance, he experienced chores such as sweeping the boardwalk, beating dirty rugs, and drawing water from the well to do the laundry. We also got to feed the chickens that were in the coop.
Next, we visited an outdoor kitchen where the kids were able to see a wood burning stove and make cornbread.
Then the kids were able to experience a one-room school house complete with slates and chalk and the McGuffey's Reader.
We were able to play games that the pioneer children played. I believe Turbo excelled in this area. Unfortunately, we had to leave a bit early to make it back to pick up Tank from Preschool. We missed the Celebration part where the kids were shown how to have a good ol' fashioned hoe down. Something tells me that Turbo would have rather stuck with the Pioneer Games.

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