Monday, June 10, 2013

Spy Week - Summer Theme Week

Spying - who doesn't like it? We became spies this week. When I was a little girl, my mom got me to write in my diary/journal by asking me to spy on people/things, etc. I think she regretted it at the time, as I did this week, but I did find that my boys were more inclined to pick up a pencil during the summer than usual. We started off making our spy kits. I had some small drawstring bags from our Survival Week leftover, so we gathered our supplies and put them into these bags. In our kit: - Spy disguises (I found these at the Dollar Store) - Sunglasses (The boys had these already) - Little spiral bound notebooks - Handheld magnify glasses (Again, the Dollar Store) - Tiny pencils - Ink pads (I already had) - Small flashlights (The boys already had) - Small cameras (We already had) Then we set to work. I gave them the mission to explore the backyard and to spy on people/things. Of course, the cameras came into play on this one. Each boy wore their silly disguise glasses and with camera armed at the ready, set out to find EVIDENCE. (For what, I'm still trying to figure out). Another day, we used the ink pads and magnify glasses to look at our fingerprints. They were amazed at how each of our fingerprints were different from the other. And yes, I did kind of sneak in the fact that God made us all specially unique that no one has the same fingerprint. Finally, every spy needs to know how to use a Decoder and how to send encrypted messages to each other. We made a Decoder Ring and Aidan and I sent messages to each other. I had many more things planned for the week, but we just didn't seem to get to them all! With it being summer - we just couldn't deny the pull of playing in the swimming pool! This week - BLOODY PIRATES!!!

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