Saturday, January 30, 2010

School:ReTHunk -- Day 1:

My son, who is 4, aka "Turbo", is in preschool, and a pretty good preschool I might add. He loves it there, and I love him there. In fact, I dread holidays and time off from school, just because he is home with me. His brother, "Tank", is 3 months old, and I cherish those mornings with him when Turbo is at school.

Turbo is exactly what his name implies. He doesn't stop, nor does he waste any time doing things that moms wants him to do. So why is it that I am attempting to homeschool? Simply put: 1) I have a Master Degree in Education - I am paying for a college degree that I am not "technically using" at the moment being a SAHM. 2) I am paying another teacher, who might I add, has a degree to teach. She is getting paid to teach, by a teacher who can teach! YIKES! But most of all, I really feel that my DH and I had kids to raise them ourselves, and not someone else; education included.

So this marks the start of Homeschool. Granted, I have no clue what I am doing, much less have any advice to offer anyone. But...nonetheless...Turbo's first day of Homeschool will be February 22nd. The first official Monday he is home. I figured that I would document my "ReTHunk-edness" so that when his brother, Tank, is old enough, I will have conquered the Homeschooling Frontier already, and won't have to bat an eye when it comes his turn. (Sarcasm at its best).

Well, Day 1 didn't turn out to be the all! I had a friend over for coffee in hopes to collaborate with her on how we can homeschool together. Create a beautiful, peaceful, enticing and inviting Co-Op that our beloved angels will absorb like sponges all kinds of information. WHEW! What a disaster that turned out to be. Not only did we have HORRID mornings with our children, that when we finally did get together, 45 minutes later than the said start time, I had an unexpected trip to the Social Security Adminsitration! This was a Friday, mind you, right about lunch time and there was not a second to lose! Distracted by this daunting task of going, my friend and I juggled a HUNGRY 3-month-old, aka Tank, a bossy, but sweet 3-1/2-year-old, and a Turbo-charged 4-year-old. Needless to say, they are no longer allowed to play together in a playgroup that was especially designed for THEM!!!!!! Oye...this is going to be a long school year!


  1. Oh, MammaCEO! So glad to see this blog, and can't wait to keep up with your journey here!!! The fun is just beginning!!!

  2. LOL! Oh this is gonna be interesting! I can only imagine what day 365 is going to be like: "WHAT WAS I THINKING?"

  3. No, that happens just about every day - but it is oh so worth it!!! Remember, this will grow you more than it will grow your student(s)!