Sunday, January 31, 2010

Week 1

Day 2:
Although today is not technically the second day of Homeschooling, it is definitely the second day of intentional thinking of Homeschooling.

I sat at the table with hubby reviewing the week and realized that I have a hectic schedule for staying at home. However, I need to be intentional about this! INTENSITY about making sure Turbo gets some sort of education from me this week.

Monday...what'll I do, what'll I do? I have a stack of workbooks that he loves to do together, maybe we'll tackle those in the morning while Tank sleeps. Then, if it is nice, we'll take a nature walk, all three of us, with Turbo's magnifying glass and see what we can find!


  1. Hey - did you take the quiz to find out what your teaching style/his learing style is? Just curious...I am sure you have read Stone Soup - that makes a great cooking/math/working in the kitchen lesson - especially if you add baking a loaf of bread to it! steps! Don't try and have the "perfect day of school" tomorrow - just enjoy having your son home and living life together!! Can't wait to hear how your day goes!

  2. Yes! I love Stone Soup! I can't find my copy of it! I'm sure I have it somewhere-s! LIBRARY!

    I am, Perfect Paula, I'm sure. But I tend to have a touch of all the teaching styles. Do I need to say more about Turbo? WIGGLY WILLIE all the way!

    I foresee a trampoline purchase in our near future. Simply so that mathematic facts can be learned!

    I will definitely have to document my day tomorrow! First intentional day tomorrow!