Monday, February 1, 2010

DAY 2: Intentional

Alright, so this morning wasn't a complete disaster in the realm of schooling. For some odd reason, Turbo has been engaged in his blocks he got from Nana and Papa for Christmas and has been making these impressive gadgets and gizmo's, dinosaurs, robots, etc.

Finally it was time for Tank to take a nap so I asked Turbo to sit down and to pull himself away from the block for just a few minutes. We practiced writing numbers 1 through 3, both in letters and in numbers. He did quite well. We did some sight words as well. Then off to read a book! This book was about space, astronauts and of course, ROCKETS! So we decided to build a rocket from a cardboard box. Right...cardboard box...where the heck was I suppose to find that at the last minute? AH! I just bought Tank some diapers we'll use that box! "But M-O-M! it's not big enough!" ME: "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!" Grrr....

I took the box apart and turned it inside out to re-glue it together so that Turbo would have a clean area to design his rocket! HOWEVER! Now that the box was turned inside out...what an AWESOME ramp it would make for his cars! OYE!

So for the next 30 minutes cars were whizzing past my head, followed closely by squeals of delight, "DID YOU SEE THAT?" Ugh...must let go of control, must follow his cues...Ugh...

Finally, I had had enough of cars, ramps, and rocket charged Hot Wheels. I bundled us up and walked to the office to drop off our rent check. looks nice from the inside, but to a 3 month old, not so much on the outside. We hurried back inside, when Turbo finally said, NOW CAN WE MAKE OUR ROCKET?

YES! Thank you! Shortly thereafter and about 8 hot glue gun sticks later, we had a small, yet quaint rocket ship for Turbo to play in. Guess what? It now sits underneath our dining room table, discarded like a piece of trash! All that hard work? Kidding, it wasn't the greatest rocket ship, but it was fun while we made it together.

Next up, pizza picnic while watching Martha, the talking dog on PBS kids. How come we didn't have these kinds of shows when I was a kid? Sesame Street was about it! Oscar still kind of creeps me out.

Overall, it wasn't such a bad INTENTIONAL day of homeschooling. Turbo even asked if we could "decorate" our house like a classroom! Yes, baby, I would like to too, but we need to ask God for a new house! Let's pray!

Ahhh...can't get that in public school! :)


  1. Yeah for a great first day!!!! And thanks for the peek inside!

  2. Love your sharing...I find it helps process the journeys we embark on. Found this link thought I would pass it on: