Monday, February 15, 2010

Yellow Hat

You know the Man in the Yellow Hat from Curious George? I want to be him. He is my hero when it comes to curious monkeys, or in my case, curious kids. Have you ever sat and listened to him respond to George? I was folding laundry this morning while Turbo was watching Curious George, and it was the episode where they are on a mission to look for a particular penguin. When they find the penguin, they are to take pictures for the scientist that brought them. Each went their separate way and when George found the penguin, he did what he was suppose to do; take a picture. But of course, being CURIOUS George, he was curious about something and the camera ended up falling into the water and began to float out to sea. Of course George was excited about his discovery that he forgot to radio the Man in the Yellow Hat. When he finally did, the man came and was excited as well. Then he asked George if he took a picture. Proudly, George responded with a resounding "AHHH HAAAA!" Then calmly, the man asked where the camera was. Suddenly, George remembered that it had fallen into the water. He sheepishly pointed in the direction of the said object. This was the man's response: "Oh Boy."

OH BOY?! OH BOY?! That is how you respond when your little one drops an expensive item such as a camera into the WATER? Not to mention that the camera probably wasn't even theirs! OH BOY!? Are you kidding me? I would have probably gone into a rant and rave show! You could have popped popcorn to watch the show! A dinner and a show! Can't get nothing better! OH BOY!? How could one stay so calm? That is entirely foreign to me.

When it comes to Homeschooling, I really, really, REALLY need to find my yellow hat and remember that Turbo is a curious monkey...okay, child. When I react with an overly dramatic display of emotions, I am only making things worse. Now, not only do I have to deal with the problem, but I have the task of scraping my child off the ceiling because I freaked him out!

So, if anyone out there finds a yellow hat, think of me! I really need to get myself one.

Oh boy!...who says that?...

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