Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh My Resource!!!!!!!!!!!!

A great big GIANT thanks to all my friends who have so graciously given me advice and information on all the resources that are out there for homeschooling! There is so much out there, that a gal could be overwhelmed!

So for my sanity sake, I thought I would compile them in one place so that when I needed to, I can take a look back to see what I have been directed to.

If you anyone reading this, has any other suggestions, I would be ever so thankful!

Here Goes:

I also want to get a list going of some curriculum that is out there that people have used and what they thought of them. Any suggestions?

Alpha Omega Lifepacs
Hooked on Phonics
Saxon Math
Core Knowledge Series

Any suggestions on devotions and memory verses???

Alright, enough right now. I'm sure this post will be updated the most! Feel free to chime in!


  1. Your resource list is lacking things like support groups.
    Check out (Christian Home Educators of Colorado)
    Also, the co-op group I belong to is is a huge group with tons of resources and activities.

  2. Thanks Nichole! I've updated. You'll definitely be hearing from me more often!