Monday, February 8, 2010

February 08, 2010

"Time for school, Turbo!" "Okay! Let me get my 'pack-pack' on!" HMM? Pack-pack? "Alright, I'm ready!" Turbo, still in his jam-jams came out of his room ready for school in his cowboy boots and Transformer backpack. As I sit at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee, an empty bowl of oatmeal, school books and my journal to jot down notes, Turbo climbs into the chair and smiles, "READY!" Oh my gracious!

This morning we worked on identifying letters and numbers from a workbook. We worked for 15 minutes! Very, very good considering sitting is not a characteristic that is used regularly when describing Turbo. Next, I was under very much stress when it came to Turbo's toys. So I decided to teach sorting and identifying objects. We found a Hot Wheel logo, Disney Movie "Car" clip art, a Monster Truck clip art, and an airplane clip art online. We printed them in color and then Turbo practiced cutting with scissors as he cut them out for me. Then we taped them onto 4 plastic bins. Next, we sorted all of his toys into those 4 categories. Mind you, he has many more toys than this, but these toys were the source of my stress! That took us about 30 minutes! This is awesome!

Afterwards, he had had enough of this sitting gig. He wanted to M-O-V-E! So I dug out an old "Mommy and Me" video and we danced away the morning with each other.

It was Tank's turn to have some mommy time. While I nursed Tank, Turbo and I read from a big book of Dr. Seuss stories. I forgot how much fun those stories are.

Finally, to finish the morning off, we played with is newly sorted Monster Trucks and Fire my dismay...are still sitting in the living room as I type this...ahhh well! At least they have a home now!


  1. Oh, have you read "If I Ran the Circus?" My all time FAVE Seuss!! Sounds like a super fun day!

  2. Love, Love, Love Dr. Seuss! I just introduced him to Shel Silverstein today! He loved it!