Friday, February 5, 2010

Play Date Round DEUX

Alright, so this morning, Turbo and Tank went with me to a play date. The idea is to have SweetPea, a spirited 3-1/2 year old girl, and Turbo to get to know each other in hope that a homeschooling co-op of some sort emerges.

Whew! When both mommies are OCD and both kids are NOT! it is a recipe for ticks to begin to develop and nerves to be shot. Overall, it was a great morning. Mommy and I got to talk and chat. Tank slept through EVERYTHING, which by some degree is a blessing, especially if you know Turbo and SweetPea.

The morning started out as the two chillin's playing dinosaurs. Yeah...ROAR to you too! Next up, jumping on the bed. OH! and while you're at it, throw every stuffed animal on the floor. Next up! CLOTHES! "Mommy, you need to come and look at this huge mess we made!" cries SweetPea! Please note, that before both mommies said, try not to make a huge mess...only a medium-sized mess, please. Well...I guess you can say that our chillin's definitely have learned sizes: Small, Medium, Large...however our children are advanced as they made an Extra Large mess. Top that you private school mommies! ;)

Well, the morning wouldn't be complete until Turbo climbed too high. High enough where he couldn't get down and sent SweetPea for help! Oi! Well, we just asked them to shut the door and play. All the while our OCD capacity was shattering the ceiling!

The next thing we know, things are quiet, and we notice that both kids are quiet. RED FLAG, anyone? We realized that they are in mommy's room and we cautiously walk in hoping that they haven't...well...use your imagination! SweetPea and her mommy live on the second story of an apartment building. Wouldn't you know it, Turbo has enough strength to open the window and "suddenly the screen fell out!" So our kids are on their hands and knees looking out an open, un-screened window, I'm sure contemplating the height, velocity and angles as to how far and fast they would fall should they happen to jump out! Well, Physics class was completed for the day! SHEESH!

After that, we lost all hope of having a medium sized mess, and just hoped that the next size up wouldn't be gigantic! Little did we know, that they thought the same thing and realized that there wasn't anymore room in SweetPea's room to play, so they decided to take EVERYTHING on the floor in her room and pile it up in the hallway blocking the doorway! Class dismissed: Problem Solving mastered!

Alright! The morning ended with Physical Education as lunch was served and the furniture served as a jungle gym...I'm sure it is a shocker to everyone that Turbo lead the way on this one! Not to mention Roxy the cat, served as the Energizer Bunny...she kept going and going and going...AWAY from our dear, precious Turbo and SweetPea.

The morning ended with smiles, toy pick up, which by the way both children can count to 30, which is the amount of toys they each had to pick up in a 30 count time limit! I forgot to mention that they played with oversized balls. Which consisted of tummy slides and "gerbiling"...which is ankle biter talk for "dribbling". We will work on PRONUNCIATION later in the year.

Overall, I think this homeschooling will go pretty well! We mastered many subjects in a short amount of time. At this rate our precious little lambs will be geniuses attending Ivy League schools by the age of 9.

....Pray for us....

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  1. Great!! I can SEE it, and can I say that I am glad I didn't have to WITNESS it?!?!