Monday, February 22, 2010

Let the Learning Begin!

Turbo...officially Homeschooling...last day of preschool...first day of Homeschooling...


This morning Tank has been a bit off, but Turbo has been outstanding! I am reading a new book called, Taming the Spirited Child, by Dr. Michael Popkin, which we all know that Turbo is, and it has helped the heart of this little boy tremendously and also the act of homeschooling! My approaches have been different and my methods have been altered. In doing this, his reactions are much, much, much different!

We started the morning out in reviewing his vocab words from the last couple of days: pup, car, big, dog, snowman, small, mom, dad, circle, blue, green.

Then we made Jell-O. In doing this we learned how to measure in cups and what hot water looks like. We also added the words: Jell-O and cup to his list of words.

Next up: some action math. We bought him a learning game that hooks up to the TV for Christmas. There is a pad that he jumps on to play educational games on the TV. We worked on math: adding and subtracting. He really does have a mathematical mind: Great! Just my luck!

Afterwards, we worked on uppercase and lowercase letter recognition. Followed by book reading and just playing together.

During this entire time, Tank was a mess. He is just really not into taking naps...only power naps. Which, incidentally, doesn't work too well when trying to do Homeschooling. GRRRR!

This weekend proved to be a lifesaver in the form of spelling! SNOW! I emptied out an old squirt bottle and filled it with water and added blue food coloring: also one of his vocab words - BLUE. I showed him how he can color the snow with it by squirting it onto the clean, white snow. We had a ball! We even spelled out his name and "Mom"; another vocab word.

Then, right before nap time, Turbo said, "I had a Great day at Homeschool, mommy! You're the best teacher!" Ahhhhh....warms my heart!

Now there is only, what: 2256 more days to go until he graduates!


  1. Yay!!! I love that spray bottle idea...looks like it would require some supervision on my end, though, or I would end up with some blue children!! So glad everything is going well (except for naps, of course!).

  2. Thanks. It was a really good morning! I just wish Tank would work with me a bit! LOL! Gotta love 4 month olds!