Sunday, February 14, 2010


"D-I-N-G-O, D-I-N-G-O, D-I-N-G-O and NEMO was his name-o!"...yeah...that's how the morning started. Chalk one up to spelling!

SweetPea and her mama came over for a Valentine's Party. What started out to be an innocent day, turned into a storm of markers. SweetPea gave Turbo two wonderful books that he still cannot put down, he just loves them! Here is their picture:

Cute lil' chillin's...ain't they?

Afterwards, I thought that before we got technical and stuff, I'd help them to get their wiggles out by putting on a dancing video. I was hoping that they would get some practice in following directions or follow the leader...well...that didn't happen. You see, our Spirited Children ARE THE LEADERS!..."and there ain't nothin' anyone can do 'bout it...ya see?" OI VEY! They were dancing around...err...running around in circles, chasing each other and laughing histerically! Mamma and I couldn't help but have pround smiles on our faces! ;)

Turbo's "cow-lick" screams oneriness, huh?!

Now, what would Valentine's Day be without sugar, sugar and more sugar? Why it wouldn't be a party if there weren't any! Now, I am going to be upfront with anyone who is reading this...and a reminder to my future self when I look back when Tank is ready for school; USING BOXED cakemix is OKAY! I fretted quite a bit that I wasn't showing SweetPea and Turbo how to make a cake, or in this case, cupcakes, from scratch. You know what, with any kid, or especialy with our kids, using only 3 ingredients is a good thing!

What I had thought would turn out to be the worst, most horrific part of the party earlier in the morning was NOTHING compared to what happened later! Even spooning the "bladder" (a.k.a. batter) into the heart-shaped cupcake tins, icing them, and even decorating them with a shaker full of sugar crystals on each cupcake was nothing!

Which, by the way, Tank watched the whole time and still to this day is in complete utter shock at the amounts of sugar that was placed on each cupcake.

After a lunch of fishsticks and peas, PICKANICK-style, the kids went to Turbo's room to play while mommy and I had a heart-to-heart talk. Of course, the room was destroyed and messes were made, which was to be expected. But when Turbo came out of the bedroom looking ever so guilty, I knew that things had gone too far. Both he and SweetPea had gotten ahold of the markers and colored their feet! Art class is now in session!

After a lesson on how makers were made for paper and not skin, they went back to the room to play some more. It wasn't until Turbo walked about again, this time, with a little bit more marker on him, did I realized that I had not picked up ALL the markers in the room! This is what we saw:

Are you kidding me????? There were smudges all over the carpet, on their clothes, everywhere! Mama had to leave for work in 30 minutes! She went home to get SweetPea some more clothes while I had the task of cleaning them! Into the tub they went! Thankfully, the markers were washable markers-yeah, thankful! When I put them into the tub, the COLORED THE WATER! I had to empty the tub to put clean water in to wash them!
For privacy purposes, I won't post those pics, but come on! They had so much marker on them that they tainted the bath water BLUE!!!! Bright blue at that!

The day ended with Mama taking leftover lunch to work for dinner, the kids in clean clothes, but stained bodies, and a whole lot of "what were we thinking" going on. I guess this is what we signed up for! I would like for everyone to know there was parent supervision going here, just not good judgement!

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