Monday, August 16, 2010

Our School Room

After a ton of know what I mean. Those "hours" where you just don't seem to get anything done because of those HUGE interruptions!? I know that it isn't "school-room" material. But on a $50 buck budget to "decorate" and a ton of hand-me-downs, our school room is finally ready for some action! Here are some pics where Turbo and I will spend 2 hours of our day, while Tank is snoozin' upstairs!

Here is our "workboxes". We will use these to keep our day in order.

Here is a chart of things for Turbo to keep tabs on while we work. Each day we will put a picture of what we will be doing and for how long. That way he has an "end" result to look forward to and can learn how to tell time to boot!

Our calendar and Bible time

Chalk board. My hubby helped me with this by using spray on chalk board paint. We will see!

Our supply center. I used an old dresser that we were going to put in the garage sale, but thought better of it when I was running out of room to put things. We used an old table and bar stools as our work station, but knowing Turbo, most of our stuff will be done on the floor!

Reading center and Computer center

We are so excited to get started! We are going to start school September know, after mommy has time to recoup from our Vegas vaca!

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