Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Turbo's Inguinal Hernia Surgery

In January of 2007, Turbo had a right inguinal hernia repair. Here are some pictures of him then:

The Ride Home:

Today, our lil' Turbo had the left side repaired. His experience was totally different than it was last time. Last time, he was oblivious to really anything that went on. He did struggle a bit when he went under, and mama shed a tear...okay I bawled like a baby, but that was 2 years ago people! Come on! The doc said that he would probably take at least 2 to 3 days to be back to his normal self. HE LIED! HE LIED, I TELL YA! It wasn't but 18 hours after the surgery before I was literally pulling him down from the top of the fridge! Ohhh... I had it out for the surgeon! He must have crossed a wire in there or something! (looking back on it now, SPD was surely in the mix here!)

Fast forward two - almost 3 years:
Waiting for the docs to do their thing before he goes in:

Daddy and Turbo watching a movie (because there really wasn't a kid show on for him to watch on TV) while we waited:

He totally was NOT having the hair netting!

In Recovery sipping on some applejuice. Man, he's grown up since last time. He definitely needed more pain medication this time around...hence...the droppy-eye-look!

He rode in the wagon to leave to go to the car. He was definitely not in "get your groove on" - type of mood.

He got to pick out a toy from the treasure chest because he did so well. He chose, guess...yep, he chose a Hot Wheel toy! He was pretty excited about it in the car ride home for all ohh...about 1 minute before he passed out.

So, we get home, we get him some food in his tummy and give him some pain medication - Tylenol with Codeine. Yep...drugs! I'm thinkin', this kid is gonna pass out, and then so will I! WRONG!!!! Boy, was I ever wrong! This kid was on a high! He was high on drugs! He just had surgery, and he is literally climbing the walls and my furniture, and jumping off of tables, chairs, and trying to fly in the air! WHOA!~ nelly! He didn't want to take a nap, he just wanted to play! SERIOUSLY!?!?!? Not even 5 hours???? Not even 5??????? Oh gracious me! We finally got him settled down enough to watch a movie and to get dinner in him. He was in bed, passed out by 8:00 this evening. WOW...I'm gonna call the doc in the morning and interrogate him about what he did while in the OR, cause he certainly did something! LOL! Kidding...that's my Turbo, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

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