Monday, August 15, 2011

Frogs No More

I'm sad to say that our frog-growing experiment is done. I've flushed the last one down the toilet. It's a bummer too as you could really begin to see where their little legs would have begun to grow. We could have had froglets instead of tadpoles!

With the kit came a water treatment, which I ran out of. I figured it wasn't going to kill them, just maybe "delay" them in their growing a bit. Unfortunately, I was wrong. They went belly up in less than 2 days. Guess the water treatment was kind of important.

Turbo, amazingly enough, has been okay with it. Dad and I decided that maybe we will just skip the "tadpole" thing all together and get him a frog or two at the pet store. But after researching it a bit, I'm thinking maybe we will just stick with the freak-of-nature crustacean, also known as "Spidey" the Hermit Crab. This thing is still kickin' after 18 months! I must be doin' something right keepin' him alive...which is NOTHING! Maybe if I buy one more crustacean, it might take the place of our tadpole loss...if it ever comes to that with Turbo.


While I was writing this, I have not actually flushed the 2nd tadpole down the commode. I was planning on doing it once Turbo woke up and was out of his room. Suddenly, he come flying out of his room, EHEM! You were suppose to be sleeping! Mom! Hopper has hopped out of the tank! Come here! WHAT? He is suppose to be dead!!!!! Sure enough, Turbo had taken off the lit to look at him and that "think" hopped right out of the tank and was floppin' around on the table! We got him back into the tank and he began swimming around. Really? Turbo replied, he was sleeping mom! Um, I give him the remainder of the day to go belly up...

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