Monday, August 15, 2011

Sink Baby

There is a huge difference between Turbo and Tank. I know, I know, every kid is different, but really...this chasm between the two is GINORMOUS!

When we first gave Turbo a haircut, you would think that we were killing him. By the second haircut, he had sworn us off as the loving parents we are all together! I think that his third haircut was somewhere around his 3rd birthday.

With Tank, he could care less. His first one, he got to sit on the counter and play in the sink. A total no-no in this house. Only because his brother has found a way to plug the overflow hole so as to make a "waterfall" in the bathroom all over my bathroom floor.

However, last night, Tank got his second haircut. He was so content sitting in the sink drinking water from a small cup and eating his bowl of fruit that when it came time to get out, he wasn't having it! I finally convinced him to take a bath, but only because I offered a bigger "sink" to sit in.

Notice the pointy finger? He might be the most polished out of all of us yet!

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