Thursday, September 8, 2011

Morning Plan

As always, our life is run by plans. This time, we are implementing a morning plan. Our mornings are pretty chaotic. Only because hubby and I go to bed late and our kids get up early. Fault?: ours.

This morning was no exception. We know we need to have a morning plan, but we never seem to have enough "UMPH" to make it work. Today, out of desperation, and lack of supplies (they are all packed due to the move next weekend), I found an example on the web and adapted it to our family.

corrugated cardboard (check - have plenty!)
drinking straws
kabob spears (miraculously I had them. Hmmm...wonder why those aren't packed yet)

Should have had cardstock, pretty paper, and solid color straws, but hey, when desperation is born out of a crisis, you make due.

After finding an open counter space, I set to work. Each straw represents a day. Each time he finishes the action of the plan, he moves the straw from "DO IT" to "DONE". Simple things, but it will help Turbo nonetheless. It makes me more on top of things, and hopefully we can figure out our mornings instead of our mornings figuring themselves out.

After I was proud of my thrifty handiwork, I went to show Turbo his new morning plan. This is what I was faced with.

The boys had completely destroyed my piles of boxes on the patio to make a fort. No wonder why I was able to do the MORNING PLAN craft without any interruption. They had plans of their own.

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