Sunday, September 25, 2011

This Is The Stuff

We have been in our new home for 1 week. In that time frame we have had:

- a busted garage door

- bought 3 packages of batteries for the garage door opener (none of which have worked)

- a front door lock that won't work without the help of a butter knife

- killed ginormous grasshoppers that science would speculate eat steroids for breakfast

- realized that we have a permanent resident in the crawlspace - until he finds our plate of tummy yummies we have left out for him/them

- hired not one but two cleaning companies to clean our apartment, only to realize that we were meant to clean our own apartment because either a) they don't call you back to schedule or b) they clean the wrong apartment and can't reschedule you in time to turn your apartment back in

- hire a carpet cleaning company who has an innate desire to clean the said wrong apartment only to get an earful of a stressed out mama yelling, "GET OUT OF THERE AND CLEAN MY APARTMENT! I'M NOT PAYING YOU TO CLEAN SOMEONE ELSES!!!"

- figured out that when the weather man says First Day of Autumn only means 83 degrees and not 84 degrees and thus needs to buy a new furnace so that we can get our ducts cleaned and properly prepared so that we can run the AC because, really, sleeping in an 82 degree house at night is no fun, and of course NO ONE SELLS FANS ANYMORE...IT'S AUTUMN people!!!

- ignoring the fact that Tank may actually want something to eat and instead let him eat foreign berries off of the bush (not really letting him, more like not knowing) only to freak out if they are poisionous or not, and getting intimately acquainted with Poison Control - they will be getting a Christmas card in the mail (berries were not poisonous; only will give tummy aches)

- realized that Tank adores bees and wants to be friends with them. However, he is failing to realize that picking them up in his little hot sweaty hand is not something they want - bee sting number 3 this summer

- failing to have baking soda on hand so that I can make a paste for said bee sting; only to visit my neighbor twice within 5 minutes asking to borrow baking soda. Having to have her son translate from English to Spanish and vice versa. (I had previously visited to ask if she knew the name of the plant that Tank snacked on...only to have a translator present again)

- to say that we need to learn Spanish is an understatement

- revamped our school year with Turbo and Tank because "FUN" isn't in our lesson plan...apparently

- visited a Tae Kwon Do class for Turbo only to hear... "I don't like all the running; it wears me out"...(Master Andre...I will gladly pay any fee for this to continue)

- Pulled said foreign bush berries out of the ground so that I don't have to relive my horrible nightmare of berry eating-bee stinging nightmare again for at least another week or two.

- found a library only to find out that my boys enjoy going there because there are trees that "decorate" the children area but really are an invitation to my boys for them to climb...really? a tree in a library? REALLY?

....all this to say, the stuff that HE is choosing to use is wearing on me, but only to show me how BIG I AM BLESSED to have:

- a home

- a yard

- two healthy boys + one amazing hubby who can pretty much fix anything with a craftsman wrench and a WD-40.

- the ability to stay home with my kids

- neighbors who are friendly and helpful - and have offered to tutor my family in Spanish in exchange for help with their English

- a God who cares more about how I handle things in big messes rather than how clean my house looks or if the pictures on the wall are crooked

This is the stuff that drive me crazy, this is the stuff that is getting to me lately. In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed...

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