Thursday, October 13, 2011

Post Crossing

I really have no idea where I saw this, but I think it is great! Before, Turbo would be pen pals with family and far away friends, which I still want to do once we get settled down. But this is great, because everyone loves getting something in the mail! Now, we are getting postcards in the mail from all over the world!

Just this week we got a postcard from Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Minsk, Belarus! (Which I have to admit, I didn't even know was a country)

Here's the scoop: Visit Fill out a profile, select Send Postcard and voila! You'll be given an address to send a postcard. Send if off and wait for a postcard to be sent in the mail to you! It's that easy. You can send up to 5 postcards at a time.

Yesterday, the boys and I made a visit to Hobby Lobby and we found a HUGE world map for 5 bucks (via 40% off coupon). We have begun circling the towns that each card has been sent from and tallying each country's flag to see which country we get the most cards from. Right now, China and the U.S. are in the running.

Over meals, the family spends time just staring at the map looking at different places in the world. We talk about where each family member has visited, where family members live, etc. I'm sure dream vacations conversations will happen in the near future!

We then bought a ring to keep our postcards. This will be a great collection when the boys get older. Imagine all the great postcards from around the world, years old! Not to mention the wonderful stamps used to send them!

What a great way to introduce the world to them!

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