Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tricky Science Thursday

Today we focused on the 5 Senses. I know, I know, there are actually 7, but trying to explain proprioceptive and vestibular to a 6 year old would be...well let's just say...nothing...let's move on.

We started out with making a picture of our 5 Senses. Tank even got in on the action:

Then we did a little game of Guess What's Missing.

Using sandpaper, we cut out a gingerbread man, and then rubbed a cinnamon stick all over it. DELIGHTFUL Smell!

Then, using rubber bands, I tied up Turbo's hands, so that he couldn't use them. We guesstimated how long it would take before he used his hands and then how long it would take for me to use my hands. We timed ourselves and then made a chart.

Next, we did a game of What is in the Sock? I put 4 different objects in a sock and he had to feel what was inside of them and guess what they were, using a chart to track his guesses.

We did a taste test of sugar, salt, apples, and pears. Since both look like the other, he was pleased with one and not so much the other with salt/sugar. Pears surprised him as he thought they were pineapple...????HUH????

Who could resist a game of old fashioned telephone made out of 2 cans and string. We had fun doing this game!

Finally, we made a book to culminate our findings and explorations for the day. Here is Turbo explaining the 5 senses to me. HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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