Tuesday, November 15, 2011

There Comes a Time...

...in every mom's world where you embark on a new frontier in mothering. It was excitingly cute when they found their toes. Amazingly wonderful when they went from crawling to walking. Exasperating to get them to speak, and then getting them to be quiet.

But I have found between the ages of 4 and 6, there is something exquisite about the life and mind of a boy. Not only physically do they change; hairy legs and little boy features grow into young boy features. Mentally they change where before trains were the center of their universe, but now Star Wars and the dream of becoming an astronaut are crowding the thoughts and dreams of their minds.

Today, I saw a new little boy in my world. Turbo, has come a LONG way from where he was at 2 years ago when we began down the long road of homeschooling, therapy, and figuring out why in the world was this little boy not ticking the way he should be.

Today, he helped load the groceries into the car from the cart, put the cart away, helped unload the groceries, asked in a sincere voice, "Now that I'm 6, can I put gel in my hair and do my own hair?" He chose his own gel, (Monkey Goop) - Don't ask - and came home right away to style his hair...which turned into a Mohawk...awesome.

Now, he is sitting quietly in his room, after asking if he could do his own school, come up with his own work, and begin having homework.

Where did my little boy go? Have we arrived? Have we seen the fruits of our labor from these past 2 years? Is our little boy growing up? Is it true? Can it be? Instead of having a toddler, preschooler, and "little" boy, do we now have a young man? A little boy who is growing into what he will become? A father? A husband? A responsible adult? (dare we say?) An astronaut? (I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a letter or phone call from NASA's director one day asking me to come to his office to discuss some things...oi vey).

I'm excited now to see what happens daily now with Turbo. He is growing up, and there comes a time when a mother has to let him grow up....*sigh*...at least I still have Tank...which is a totally different story.

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