Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Christmas Traditions

In an effort to establish Christmas Traditions, I have been hastily prepping things for the 1st of December...ehem...tomorrow!

My sweet friend, over at Divine Interruptions posted a blog about her Christmas Traditions and it got my engine revving.

Turbo was excited when he found a stocking that was used in the past for something, probably done in Children's Ministry. He asked whose it was, and when the stocking didn't have an owner, he proudly announced that Jesus needed a stocking. Now, we just have to think up of something that will go in the stocking come Christmas morning. Any thoughts?

Have you noticed that EVERYTHING for decorations at Christmas time is EXPENSIVE? So we decided to make something each year that we can use to decorate our house with. LIKE? Aidan helped to paint the letters...well kind was as team effort. Little crooked...but hey...its ours and we are proud of it.

I found this idea of an Advent Calendar, but after we nailed in the last tack, our friends over at A Study in Domestic Bliss posted her "Advent" list...and well...that will be stolen next year!

However, OURS... :-)...has a piece of tin foil over a suggested activity. Each day is numbered. Each day, the boys will "scratch" off the tin foil to reveal that day's fun. (I was too cheap to buy "scratch off" paint - seriously...scratch off?)

But back to my friend at Divine Interruptions. She wraps all of her Christmas books and places them in a basket. Each evening they open the "present" and read the book before going to bed. Her list of suggestions are wonderful, and we will for sure be adding to our collection. (At the time of posting, and due to time limits...naps and anxious boys wanting to go to the park, these books are not wrapped, but will be by tomorrow night...promise...ish)


  1. Everyone could make a self-portrait of themselves, and put it in Jesus' stocking. Afterall, isn't that all He really wants for