Monday, December 5, 2011

A Reindeer Kinda Day

This morning started off in a usual way for school. Turbo on the computer working on his reading at Reading Eggs (So worth a look see), while Tank and I work on his letters.

(Nothing like 3 degree weather, hot coffee, a snuggly warm puppy at your feet to make letter learning cozy)

Next, Tank worked on the letter "F" while using a BINGO dobber to "write". I pretty sure most of the splatter ended up on my wall rather than the paper. UGH.

While Tank was doing this, Turbo was previewing a book and circling words that he already knew. (This seems to help his anxiety when presented with a new book, as he fears he won't know any words and the book itself becomes overwhelming).

Come to find out, he knew every word but 8 in the book. He was super proud of himself!

For lunch we settled in for some alphabet spaghetti-O's (yucko), and watched Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer with Burl Ives...sigh...childhood memories... So what better way to "top" it off? Make some Rudolf's of our own! Tank was pretty much in awe of his work...he kept walking around the house, admiring his work by literally "oohing and awing".

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