Thursday, June 21, 2012

Longest Day of the Year Bash

With Summer, comes the Summer Solstice: The Longest Day Of the Year. I had been prepping Turbo all week on what that day meant and what we would be doing to celebrate it. When it came time to "Show Off", I asked, "What is today!?" Without a heartbeat missed, he said, "Wednesday." Then ran off. Throwing my hands up in the air, I ranted and raved about how much time I take in teaching him the days of the week, and he NEVER REMEMBERS THE DAYS OF THE WEEK, and now I ask something out of the ordinary, and he replies, WEDNESDAY???? Okay're going down! I know you know more MRS. NICEMOMMY! On a better note, we did do a little celebration for the Longest Day. Granted, it wasn't 101 degrees outside...more like 75 and cloudy. So much for my plans of pool, slip-n-slides and sprinklers! But nonetheless, the kids had fun! I painted a Twister board onto the grass and we played backyard twister. Even the moms got in on it while the dad's watched...pretty sure they were hoping for another mud pit. We had a water balloon fight, but there was no camera person to be found...we were all in on it! All the kids, at one time or another, got into the pool. Many even brought goggles. Tank couldn't find his, so he improvised. I'd say he problem solved rather well. I took a class on Monday night to help me better learn how to use my camera. Part of what she taught was how to do a long exposure. Totally a cool thing...totally! We used neon sparklers and regular sparklers to do these awesome things! The kids were patient and waited their turn as each exposure was 30 seconds long! Many tried to write their names, but that was pretty hard. Many just chose to do a design. And their designs were awesome! Totally trying this again!

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