Saturday, June 30, 2012


Only this time, it's Tank. Tank is our joy baby. We don't hide that. But when it comes to speaking...he wears on my patience. This kid, I'm pretty sure an speak, but after many evaluations, the time has come for us to go Military on his A$*! Each week we have a therapist who comes to our home to work with him one-on-one for an hour. This week, she brought a gear toy that he had to say a color word to get another gear for his creation. He LOVED this! Of course, Orange was his favorite color. "OW" was for Yellow. "UE" was for blue. "P" for purple. "R" for red. Not full words, but at least we have a beginning sound! We have also decided to enroll him in Preschool in the fall. He will go 4 days a week for 3 hours. This will help IMMENSELY with the whole attachement to mommy thing, and will hopefully offer some assistance with his stubborness on potty training. It will also allow time for me and Turbo to work on school in the morning while Tank is away, then in the afternoon can be used more wisely... *wink, wink* (I have no idea what you're talking about...I was thinking of a nap, myself!)

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