Thursday, August 16, 2012

Another School Year Begins

When I began this blog a few years ago, I thought the title, School:ReThunk was a catchy phrase. Little did I know that it would really require this school-taught-teacher to really stretch her way of thinking how school should be. In the years that we have homeschooled Turbo, it really has been me who has been schooled. Turbo will begin his 1st grade year at 6 7/8 years old...okay who am I kidding. I don't know fractions well or at all (He will be 7 in you do the math). And will probably finish his 1st grade year by Christmas and will be doing 2nd grade work at the age of 7 (We started 1st grade in the Spring semester of last year). This summer, we took a long hard look at what Turbo needs. I found that I couldn't keep up. Especially with Tank and his speech therapy, I was grasping at air trying to stay above water. We investigated many schools and with the limited of schools around our area that would/could offer what Turbo needed, we found ourselves to be on many, many, many waiting lists. Needless to say, we will keep him home for one more year at Connections Academy while we focus on getting him into a school next year that would concentrate more on his strengths. A STEM school (Science. Technology. Engineering. Mathematics.). With that said, I am having to ReTHINK my way of schooling Turbo. With Tank going off to Preschool this year (A whole other blog entry), Turbo and I will have a tremendous opportunity to focus on our relationship that was damaged badly during the last school year and be able to get through this semester without any major bumps and bruises. We are ReTHINKING our ways of school and how/when/where he does it. He will also be getting more of his "friend" time through TaeKwonDo, Boy Scouts (Tiger Scouts), and acoustic guitar lessons (still trying to figure out if we REALLY want to do that). School starts today. Catch ya on the flip side!!

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