Monday, August 20, 2012

Tank - Preschool

My baby is in Preschool. He woke up with a startle this morning, as Turbo woke him up. Yes, that has been resolved and he will have major trouble if it happens again. We stopped at the store to pick up a Starbucks Gift Card and roses for Miss Anna (of course, we had to get orange flowers). And a little java cup filled with apple juice.
Isn't he just too cute with his Buzz Lightyear backpack?
After a little kiss for mama in the car, we headed to school.
Here he is with his orange roses and Starbucks gift card for Miss Ann.
He cried A LOT as he was welcomed into his class. I had to quickly leave and hide!
When we picked him up, he was all smiles and super excited to show off his new stickers. The teachers said he did great, but was reluctant to go potty. I'm pretty sure he was just being stubborn and trying to say in his own way, "I'm boss here." Yeah, that won't last too much longer. I would have to say that the end of the first day was pretty successful! There wasn't even a tear shed from mama!

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