Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Handprints in Time

With the weather LOOKING nice, but really ISN'T nice, we've had to find things to do that will entertain a 5-year-old and a 1-year-old BOY! Ahhh who we kidding...we didn't find anything to entertain. We just found something that they could do and not break for about 15 minutes.

Using our sand from the make-shift sandbox on our patio we added some water to the pan of sand so that we could make imprints of anything we wanted. Turbo wanted to imprint a dinosaur and his hand. Tank was up for it too; although, the hand part wasn't easy as he continually grabbed the sand instead of just placing his hand ON the sand! Figures.

After we mixed the Plaster of Paris and poured it in the "molds". Now, you would think that this would be the easy part, yes? WRONG! I could not get the plaster thin enough to just pour in, it was quite thick and lumpy. But we did it. We even made letters to match their first names and hand prints. I was thinking of creating shadowboxes for these.

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