Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Chore Chart

You know how sometimes you are just blessed with Mommy AH-HA moments?

Yesterday, Turbo kept begging and pleading, ok really he was just annoying asking, "Mommy, can you play StarWars Legos with me?" Now, before you start thinking, "Sheesh, woman! Play with the child!" This was after I played with him for 1 hour straight and it was only 11:00 in the morning! I sat him on the bed and explained to him that mommy has chores to do. If I don't do my chores everyday, then the family won't have clothes to wear, food to eat, or live in a clean house. Our house would be filled with germs and we would all be sick! Then with some prodding, he suggested that if he did some of my chores, then I would have time to play with him! AHH HAA!!! Finally! He got it!

So we sat down at the table and made a chart of 5 chores for him to do. Since he is 5, that is where we started. He will do one chore a day, Monday through Friday, much like school, and have Saturday and Sunday off, much like school. I cannot play with him until his chore for the day is done. If he completes all the chores for the week, he receives a quarter. At the end of the month, we will give 10% to church, 10% to savings and the rest he can spend however he wants. Granted, this is only his second day, but he seems to be interested!

KEEP WORKING, KEEP WORKING! (good thoughts, good thoughts!)

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