Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Day in the Life...

It is difficult to post EVERYTHING we do EVERYDAY for our schooling. It is really quite boring. We use games, windows, computer, pencil & paper work, and crafts.

Practicing handwriting in a book that Tank must have thought was a coloring book.

Using the window for our math problems of the day (of note: this is out of a book for 1st/2nd graders). Turbo could not sit still and asked if he could write on the windows instead to help him keep focused....THANK YOU THERAPY!!!

Spelling is not his favorite thing. The workbook we have offers super small lines for him to write on. Instead, we take it to the window. I copy a bigger version of his lesson onto the window for him to work on. Here, he is focusing on ending sounds. It is funny how the maintenance people who are working outside will often wave to him through the window. He gets a kick out of that!

When we first started using Boggle Jr., he wasn't at all happy about it. He didn't like it. Mostly because he struggled doing it. We walked away from it for awhile and worked more on his letters and their sounds. He began using Hooked on Spelling and found that he COULD do spelling. When we came back to the game just yesterday, he did fantastic and mostly without any help!

This is his workbook that he has been working out of for math. Turbo has a brain for math. He just "gets" it. He gets the patterns, the numbers, the grouping, the spacial aspect...oi...I'm gonna have to learn some higher math here shortly just so I can teach him!!

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