Thursday, March 17, 2011

Cheeky Lil' Leprechauns!

This week has been all about St. Patty's day and sneaky Leprechauns!

We began the week with coloring the flag of Ireland and using Google Earth to identify where Ireland is on the globe in respect to the U.S.A. My brother and his family live in the Czech Republic and I showed Turbo where they lived and how much closer they live to the land of Leprechauns than we do. He thought that was pretty cool.

After scouring YouTube videos of Leprechauns, I found one where a man dressed as one is dancing a few jigs...pretty hilarious, but I thought we could making a leaping leprechaun in a marionette-fashion way using brads and string. It didn't turn out spectacular, but it was entertaining.

We learned about the colors of the rainbow and what happens at the end of one. So to celebrate, I pulled a "Grammy" trick and layered Jello in the color order of the rainbow. Adding a dollop of whip cream, and you've got yourself a little rainbow, complete with a little cloud. Both the boys really enjoyed that treat.

We had some friends over for corned beef and cabbage one evening for dinner and, I have to admit, it was pretty tasty! However, those sneaky leprechauns must have scooted in the door when we weren't looking, because each time we poured ourselves a pint of beer, it turned green!! Even water coming out the tap turned green the minute it hit the glass! Not to mention the kids' apple juice turning green before our very eyes once it hit their cups! Hmmmmm!!!! Those sneaky lil' devils! ( food coloring hidden in glasses is a great mommy secret!)

We culminated our week with a Leprechaun party, where the boys invited some friends over to celebrate!

We began our party with a story, That's What Leprechauns Do, by Eve Bunting, where she writes about how lil' leprechauns make mischief wherever they go! While I read them their story, they ate the rainbow jello with whipped cream! It was amazing how QUIET they were!

Following that, we made a trap so that we could catch a leprechaun so that he would have to tell us where he hid his gold. Unfortunately, it didn't work. A leprechaun tried, but he was a really good jumper, we decided that, and he jumped out of the hat after the trap door was sprung! Bummer!

For a little science experiment, we put a lot of drops of food coloring into white cake batter, all 6 colors of the rainbow, and made rainbow cupcakes. They looked really psychedelic, but were very tasty!

Finally, to commemorate our party, using freshly carved potato hearts, we paint green shamrocks on t-shirts, that read, KISS ME! Many of the boys weren't happy about that, seeing how they don't like getting kisses from girls, except for their moms! Tank enjoyed a kiss or two from all the moms!

Now, the kids are napping, mom is wrapping up the party and finishing cleaning, and putting up her feet with a nice cold beer...without a touch of leprechaun green.

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