Monday, April 4, 2011

The GRRR Factor

This morning, after a few days off of school, Turbo struggled getting back on if I didn't expect it. We started out pretty good using our BOB books, and handwriting practice. When he chose to either do spelling or math, he chose math. When I opened the page, he immediately was turned off. Screaming, "I CAN'T DO THIS!!! I HATE IT!!!" Expected. "I don't feel good". Expected. "I'm hungry." Expected. "I don't like school!" Expected. Everything that was said and done was expected.

I sent him to his room to figure out how long he was going to argue about doing school. When he figured out that it would take longer to argue then to actually do the work, he gave in and came out to do his school work.

The cycle started over.

And over.

And over....

The proceeded for 8 cycles of this. GRRRRRRRRR!

Finally, in frustration, I sent him to his room. He was SUPER ANGRY at this point. I sat at the table and prayed...."LORD, TIE MY HANDS AND HOLD MY TONGUE CAUSE THIS BOY IS GONNA GET IT!!!!!!!" Then I heard the most peculiar sound. He was jumping on his bed. But not in fun, but in frustration and in anger! He was jumping HARD! After 30 seconds it stopped.

He exited from his room breathing hard and was visibly out of breath. He sat down and said, "May I please have a snack while I do my math?" I quietly got up, peeled him an orange and put it in a bowl while he went to work on using the number line for addition and subtracton facts. He completed 19 problems in 4 minutes flat; without a peep.

When questioned about him jumping on the bed, he said, "I knew it would make me feel better." (Proprioceptive impact)

Now, he playing on the kitchen floor with his new Lightning McQueen car in a happy mood. Disater averted. The Grrr Factor eliminated. Ideas on how to reinforce his bed frame commencing.

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