Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Father's World...

We have "officially" begun our school curriculum, Turbo and I. Although we have been working throughout the summer on things, I decided that "school" is officially in.

It took us FOREVER to learn about the 7 days of Creation, reality, it should have taken us 7 was more like 7 weeks. But today, we started on the first week of My Father's World: The Sun.

It is a really easy curriculum to follow, but man, it is hard the first go around. Then throw in a highly distractable 5 1/2 year old, and you have yourself a recipe for a good show.

We got through the first day, but as I sit here in my quiet living room, at my new table that my hubby finished, drinking ice cold water, I am reviewing the next 5 days of lessons, and BOY! do I need to get my teaching hat out of the closet, dust it off, and get goin'! My days of lounging in the green grass with other mom's are over! I gotta get my poop in a group and figure this stuff out so that Turbo is not the only one distracted during the lessons!

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