Friday, July 8, 2011

S is for SUN

Today we tried our first day of our school "schedule". Although it is very relaxed, we still have a "schedule" to stick too!

Turbo and I will be counting 100 days of school using Popsicle sticks. When we get to 100 we will have a 100 Party!

Meanwhile, Tank discovered toys in his toy bucket while in his highchair...that chair is a beautiful thing!

Turbo had some problems focusing, so he owed me 2 minutes...which turned into 3 minutes in time out. I fear, unfortunately, this timer will get A LOT of use...

Tank, however was mesmerized by his school toys! He is doing really well!

Part of learning about the sun, Turbo was to paint or color a sun. Instead, I wanted him to use a canvas to paint the sun. We started out by drawing the sun on paper to make our plan. Then I gave him some paint, some brushes and the canvas and let him go to work! It turned out pretty good!

I'm hanging this work of art on my wall to be sure!

1 comment:

  1. best. sun. EVER!

    i'm a-gonna have several on my wall, too :)