Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Value of a Backyard

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a backyard, relish in its delightful use. We have lived in either a duplex or apartment for the past 5 years. In that 5 years, we have had 2 boys. As you are well aware, boys don't necessarily enjoy the art of sitting still. Mine are no exception.

This morning, they were both up at 6 a.m. Yes, and this sleeping in. Since then, they have been outside doing:

-Ate blueberry pancakes and bacon on the patio.
-Drew with sidewalk chalk.
-Collected leaves.
-Collected ants.
-Drowned the said ants.
-Rode over the surviving ants with their bikes.
-Dug for worms.
-Threw mud at each other.
-Asked for a snack.
-Chased a dog.
-Climbed the retaining wall.
-Played in the sandbox.
-Tickled and laughed with each other.

It is now 8:42 a.m. Oh! The things we could do if we had a backyard; because if they can do these things without one, imagine the possibilities with one!

What do you do in your backyard?

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