Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gold Miner + Free? Parking

Today was Turbo, Tank and my second day of Letterboxing. I found two boxes relatively close to each other and close to home. One was a drive by and the other had a hike to it. Not much of a hike, only about a mile each way. I figured it would give us great exercise! So off we went. We found the first box, Gold Miner just off the road. Not too bad! We even found a GeoCache right next to it! Being the nosey people that we are, we looked in the GeoCache...nothing but junk. So we locked it back up and put it where we found it. Next, we opened our Letterbox, and this is what we found!

And of course, we stopped by Nana's work to show her! Couldn't pass up braggin opportunities!

I figured the next one would be some work, but we had some time, and energy! So we traveled to I-70 and Morrison Road. We looked at the trail and thought, SURE! WE can do this! OI VEY! It was a mile UP and a mile DOWN. MUDDY, MUDDY, MUDDY! But of course, I have boys and Turbo was all in. So I packed Tank in my tummy pack and off we went. We climbed what seemed like Turbo's words. Finally, we found the spot! YEAH! We begun to exchange stamps. Now, fresh air, exercise and activity seems to trigger something in little bodily functions! Yep! Turbo had to use the outdoor bathroom! He did his thing, very messily, I might add, and of course, got it all over his pants. He wanted to strip down naked! NO! I screamed. We will change you when you get to the car! He didn't like it, but he scampered down the hill in muddy, wet and "poopy" clothes....grr... When we get to the car, I realized that I had taken out my Emergency Bag full of clothes for just this kind of purpose, to visit the zoo the day prior! Okay, so imagine, a mommy, with a baby, and an antsy 4-year-old in a parking lot at a trail head. This said antsy 4-year-old is naked running around in the parking lot and said mommy is screaming... "GET IN THE CAR!" Well, you get the picture. Turbo rode home naked in his car seat with Tank's blanket wrapped around him.

But, on a good note, this is the stamp we collected!

AHHHH Me....good day, good day. I just have to keep thinking that!

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