Monday, December 13, 2010

The Christmas Season

We've started this tradition of having Turbo look through the magazines that stores send out around Christmas time to make his Christmas Wish List. This year, was no different. One thing that changed was that Turbo is now much more likely to think long and hard about his wishes, as he "has experience" playing with toys.

His list was not that much different than any other 5 year old boy, but man!, did he work hard on it!

Our precious cousins from Fruita sent us a great Peanuts Advent Calendar. We have been reading about the story of Christmas each night at dinner and open up a new window. Each night it suggests a great Christmas activity. One evening in particular we were to make some yummy cookies. We made Vanilla Chai Spice Cookies. Kind of like Gingerbread Men.

I've been reading Turbo the Christmas story and we've been using the Nativity Scene figurines along with the story. We have 2 scenes, and Turbo thought that we had to use ALL of the figurines in one stable.

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