Thursday, December 2, 2010

OT: Day 29/30

The request from Ms. Renee was to bring Turbo in with his cup already full or at least at the very brim.

Unfortunately, I believe that last night, Turbo was the victim of food poisoning from McDonalds. (secretly jumping up and down at the opportunity to steer clear of the joint!) Moving on.

Although I tried to fill his cup, I didn't push too hard, as I am his mother, and yes I do have a loving heart towards him, even if sometime I am so frustrated with him, that it is hard to show it.

When we got there, I did tell her that I wasn't too confident on my success and told her why. She agreed to back off if things looked grim.

She brought out her puppets again for imaginary play. And because she knows that he is not all too fond of playing with puppets if it has anything to do with situational play where he is uncomfortable. Unfortunately/fortunately, he did not want to participate, and retreated to a corner and asked to go home as this was not a game he wanted to play. So for 35 minutes we sat and talked while Turbo sulked in the corner. He didn't get violent as he usually does, but he did kick the chair at me, where Ms. Renee promptly put him in his place. After some comical scenes and some encouragement, he played briefly so we could move on.

When we did, we had 5 minutes left in the session. We played a quick game and then left for home.

It might have seemed as a total loss of a day, but it was good for me and him to see that he can hold it together and self-regulate away from home.

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