Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sending Santa THE LIST

This year, instead of taking Turbo's Christmas wish list to Golden and mailing it to Santa, we decided to do a different twist on the whole thing. We were watching a Christmas movie where the list was thrown into a fire place (w/o a fire) and the list floated up and out of the chimney and drifted to Santa in the North Pole. Turbo saw that and was infatuated with it. But I decided to take a step further, because lets face it...that list "ain't" gonna float up and out!

We lit a fire, and then had him toss the list in. We told him that the burnt ashes will float up through the chimney and outside into the night sky and drift to the North Pole where Santa's elves will assemble the list back together again and begin assembling his wish list.

This morning, Turbo asked if I thought that Santa received his list yet. Thinking to myself, I told him that I got a confirmation this morning on email to let me know that Santa received it and that his elves were hard at work! His eyes widened the size of Silver Dollars...and well....that's that. I'm not sure if he was amazed, or just filled with wonder why his mama could be so naieve. Time will only tell.

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